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My name is Jessica Jones and I am a Front-End Web Developer based in Toronto, ON.

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About Jessica

With an eye for design and a passion for debugging, I love to build intuitive and engaging experiences for all users, regardless of how they access the web.

I am currently a Front-End / Shopify theme developer at Demac Media, where I utilize my knowledge of HTML, CSS, Liquid, JavaScript, and Ruby to turn designs into highly customized Shopify themes for clients.

As a graduate of the Full-Time Front-End Web Development Immersive at HackerYou, I have a solid foundation in the latest front-end technologies and best practices. Additionally, my passion for usability drives me to continuously build on my skills in UI and UX , accessibility, and design.

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  • Ruby on Rails

  • JavaScript

  • HTML

  • CSS

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A social app for book nerds built with Ruby on Rails. Made with real-life book clubs in mind, Bookbuddies is the ideal place to discuss books in between meetups!

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RESTful API Project

  • HTML5

  • CSS3/Sass

  • RESTful API

  • jQuery

  • Responsive Design

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Booze & Books

A web app that provides literature and libation pairings based on your mood. Using the LCBO and Google Books API’s, the app will display a random booze and book based on the user’s selection.

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WordPress Theme

  • Wordpress

  • CSS3/Sass

  • PHP

  • Pair Programming

  • Responsive Design

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Custom Theme for a Coffee Shop or Brewery

A versatile WordPress theme custom made for a brewery or coffee shop. This was a pair programming project.

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