About Jessica

I am currently a Front-End / Shopify theme developer at Demac Media, where I utilize my knowledge of HTML, CSS, Liquid, JavaScript, and Ruby to turn designs into highly customized Shopify themes for clients.

As a graduate of the Full-Time Front-End Web Development Immersive at HackerYou, I have a solid foundation in the latest front-end technologies and best practices. Additionally, my passion for usability drives me to continuously build on my skills in UI and UX , accessibility, and design.

My former career as an orchestral musician has instilled in me a strong attention to detail and an insatiable work ethic. My Marketing & Communications experience gives me the ability to see the big picture for your product or project.

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I strive to write code that is maintainable, modular, and accessible. That means writing semantic HTML5, clean CSS with Sass, and keeping it responsive with media queries. I believe that accessibility = usability and that starts with a solid foundation.

What would the web be without interactivity? I use JavaScript to create subtle but meaningful interactions that enhance the user experience without bogging down performance.

I love e-commerce! I am skilled at creating highly customized Shopify themes to suit business needs – big or small.

I am passionate about helping brands boost their web presence and I love making that possible with WordPress. My WP skills include creating custom post types, custom fields, and custom loops so that it’s easy to dynamically add content.

I work proficiently in Sublime Text and have a solid foundation in version control using the command line, Git, and Github, as well as workflow automation and JavaScript tooling with Gulp. I’m also adept at debugging using Chrome DevTools.

Web Development is all about collaboration and I love being a part of a team! Whether its pairing up with fellow front-end web devs, designers, or back-end programmers—I am passionate about forging partnerships within the tech community and beyond.

I care deeply about what I do and I am constantly challenging myself to do it better. I also do a lot of coding just for fun—check out my CodePen profile to see what I’m up to!